This site contains my dissertation about narrative, and investigates some of its components, such as the history and evolution of narrative and its structure, ranging from traditional media such as word of mouth and books to modern media such as films and games, even no-typical forms of narrative and non-linear narrative.
This dissertation aims to explore the themes and investigate what makes a narrative and how it is used in modern media, and how it has evolved over time to even influence our moral code and shaped society.


So far on the Journey (to the West)

November 19, 2010


So far on my investigation into narrative, I have covered most of the evolution and some of the academic principles of what makes up a narrative.  I was very intrigued to think about how narrative develops over time and its classification as either fables, legends myth etc…  and the differing elements of realism and symbolism […]

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Draft Dissertation

October 28, 2010


Please take a look around at my Investigation into Narrative main site.  What is currently here shows the structure and proposed content. Enjoy

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