My name is Alexandra Goddard and I’m currently a student at The University of Greenwich studying 3D Digital Design, I’ve been working in 3D for just over 2 years now, and have learned a lot over this time doing various bits of freelance and project managing.  Some of the more fun things I’ve managed to do have included Motion Capture, animation, modelling, programming, design work etc…

Being a 3D digital designer means I’ve been able to study in a really interesting and upcoming field of work – I taught myself everything I know with computers and have become more of one of the more accomplished all rounders with more of an interest in animation and VFX thanks to my background in maths & physics.

Along with 3DS Max I also mainly work with Adobe Illustrator, I’ve been writing scripts for a few years, comics mostly, ideally i’d like to take my OC into full 3D animation as it was originally intended to be a game when I first put pencil to paper in the back of a maths class 6 years ago, through this I’ve developed an understanding of story telling and character development, which I hope gives me some perspective in this article.

Below Page 14-15 from Saffron: The Day of the Jakyl completed July 2010

TDOTJ Page 14TDOTJ Page 15

Well there’s a lot more I could say on my own narrative, I grew up in a town just near Gatwick, and I’ve never really known what I wanted to do, but right now I have to say that I think 3D suits me.  It was more of an accidental decision that led me to where I am, and I rather fell into it.  Like a narrative there is a sequence of events leading up to and from a major junction that defines what the story is all about, and I can think of several events and turning points that have hopefully defined my own character well.  But that as they say, is a story for another time.

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